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New York's 9th Congressional District does not need any more divisive leaders that play off different interest groups to maintain their own power or status.

Keeping America Great requires the involvement of hard-working, engaged Americans that care about their own quality of life, their family, and their neighbors. It requires prioritizing the needs of Americans over everyone else, while treating our non-American friends and neighbors with dignity. We need secure borders so that we can keep our guest list to those we have invited.

Keeping America Great requires shrinking the war machine to a lean and mean fighting force that goes to war, pounds the opposition until they are finished, and LEAVES. The US military is not a police force, nor is it a mercenary unit that is sent in every time someone doesn't get the pipelines that they want. Our military needs to be treated with respect and that means only using them when necessary and where necessary.

Keeping America Great requires a massive investment in American infrastructure. We need to rebuild thousands of miles of pipes, railroads, power and water infrastructure, roadways, and bridges AT ONCE. The deteriorating infrastructure provides an opportunity for upgrades to the latest technology and techniques, as well as many good-paying construction and engineering jobs for years to come.

I am Pro-America, Republican, and Conservative.

It means that our future is based on individuals that choose to work together to rebuild and maintain America on our own terms. We embrace the traditional views of family and freedom and reject attempts to censor speech and dissent. There are many people who don't identify as conservatives that really are and we would like to welcome you home.

Vote Joel Anabilah-Azumah for Congress. Pro-America. Republican. Conservative.

Committee to Elect Joel Anabilah-Azumah
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